JUST Label

Leading Edge has proudly achieved the Just Label, highlighting our commitment to fostering social justice, equity, and transparency within our organization.

Written by

Sara Hickman, LEED AP, WELL AP, EcoDistricts AP

Senior Vice President, ESG Lead

As we navigate company growth, it becomes imperative to strengthen our internal policies, benefits, and efforts in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, all while leaving a positive mark on our community.

Choosing the Just Label as our framework was a strategic decision, providing us with a platform that aligns with industry standards and simplifies our path to organizational excellence.

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The International Living Future Institute’s (ILFI), Just® label is a nutrition label for socially just and equitable organizations. As a voluntary disclosure tool for organizations rather than a certification program, it is a transparency platform for organizations to disclose their operations, including how they treat their employees and where they make financial and community investments.”

Not only did the process prompt new policies, but also played a pivotal role in solidifying our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives. Big kudos to our DEI team, who spearheaded this effort, navigated the standards, and united the team to successfully achieve the Just label. 

Total hours: 50 Hrs I Annual cost: $2,000 I Return: practicing what we preach = priceless