Nicolette Lipman

Sustainability Coordinator

She will be overseeing, managing, and coordinating Decarbonization Strategy, Asset and portfolio data monitoring, Air Quality, Energy and Waste Audit support and hopefully much more she advances in her career.


Her main goal at leading Edge is to be involved/ a part of a successful team, increasing her technical knowledge while also providing solutions and improvements to an ever-changing and quickly growing industry. Long term, she aspires to contribute significantly to industry development and optimization to create positive change.


She graduated with a bachelor’s in Marine Engineering and Minor in Naval Science from the California State University Maritime Academy. She is currently serving an Officer in the U.S Navy Reserves and has an extensive background in Automation, Building and Systems engineering management, as well as finance having worked in commercial lending. She is excited to bring her background and knowledge to the Leading Edge team.


On a personal note, she loves to surf, run, and do yoga in my free time. She also enjoys playing with her fluffy golden doodle, Theodore. As she loves to always learn new skills, she has recently taken up Sailing.